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Sunday, April 8, 2012

off topic,but how does every homeless person in america have a black marker but no sandwiches?

I saw another homeless guy and couldn't help but think, If he had a box of crayons or some other brightly colored writing utensil, his sign would be way more entertaining. It could be the most clever sign ever but,admit it, your interest in his story fades as soon as you see the somber black writing on that filthy cardboard. at least if he had a box of crayons or some nice markers,the tale of his family being kidnapped or the fact that he indeed invented the internet and Bill Gates,Steve Jobs and Al Gore all locked him in their rape dungeon for the last 20 years while he tried desperately to escape,and thanks to a rat he befriended and with whom he shared his bread scraps,that food helped the rat eventually chew through his ropes allowing him to escape and now plan his revenge on his captors,THIS story would be more enjoyable and i would be more than happy to provide money,food and maybe even my car to help him get revenge on his captors. I am a visual person what can i say? Don't get me wrong i am not above helping,I actually do it all the time, I just want a good back story. some of the more interesting things i have ever heard came from homeless fellas. And one of the biggest lessons i learned was,Never write them off as crazy,because more often than not, the story they are telling is true, albeit shaded with some creativity, but the base tale,is all of my favorite is the guy that I thought was totally off his nut, and turns out all his stories of being a  psychology professor at ASU,yeah all true.every last word of it. So Since I digressed from my original point I want to leave you with this suggestion, from here on out,when you want to give them money, give them a nice box of crayons as well.