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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Loyal readers! I wanted to personally thank you for the huge jump in traffic we have had here recently! And in response to that the posts and updates will be coming now with more frequency,and after an inspiring trip to the local sporting goods store,I have some new ideas for the very first gear giveaway. Within the next week I will pick out the first item so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is Erin's project jeep! Blue Betty!

This is Erin's 1977 CJ-7 with the inline 6 motor. Its a beast of a project but she is taking it on! We will try and keep updating the progress as it happens.

We are branching out folks,get ready!!

Hey all,so in an effort to branch out and make this blog everything it should/could be we are going to start a YouTube channel AND,keep your eyes peeled for our very first gear giveaway! Big thanks to our supporters and viewers,we really appreciate you stopping by and we hope this sparks some interest in your family! The goal is still to make your family a stronger,braver,and more self sufficient unit. With any luck we will soon be posting info on gardening,and wild game cleaning and storage. Stick with us,this world is about to break wide open!! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Little note.. this is the address to our account! We set this up to help us get our biggest adventure off the ground. We are trying to do a 4 day trip to camp the Grand Canyon!! If you would like to help that would be awesome,but if not,no worries!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blue Ridge Reservoir

Good evening all!
We completed our last trip to a lesser explored AZ lake named Blue ridge Reservoir. We stayed at rock crossing campgrounds,about 2.5 miles from the lake. It was a quiet,well maintained,clean site. The hosts were very polite and happy to see us. We chose site 18 which was actually a triple site but they only charge for it as if it was a double. Nice! The site has 2 large cement tables,a large metal fire ring and 3 marked places to set up tents. The trees were a little thinner,coverage wise, than we expected but still it was enough to provide a fair amount of shade for the tents. The vault toilets were cleaner than any I have seen before, and they hid the doo doo smell with cinnamon air fresheners...pleasant right?? Any way, After the first day of setting up camp,relaxing,and letting the kids run amok,We ventured off to the lake. The dirt road down to the  lake was fair enough that a car could probably make it without much trouble. That being said, if you are driving a car just stop at the main parking area. (which also has a boat ramp!) Best you don't go much farther. Now, truck owners listen up...bypass that parking area!! Keep driving along the same road...keep going...keep going...little more...aaanndd bingo! You are at the dam! This was the best place to go in my humble opinion. Hike down the trail about 1/4 mile to the water,and just drop a line. We had bluegill biting like they haven't eaten a thing in their little fishy lives! Every cast brought up another! Granted they were not keepers by any stretch,but for the kids,and their attention spans you cant get any better! (little side note, yes,snakes can indeed swim and they do hangout in these waters) So in an effort to not get too long winded here, I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a quiet, not so populated alternative to places like woods canyon lake and fools hollow.So get your gear,grab the kids and hit the woods!! Outdoor revival is waiting,go get it! heres the link! pic courtesy of the coconino forest service

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This is the kids exploring Zion national park. This was one of the trips that began to set the outdoor hook!

Welcome to the new blog folks!!

This world sometimes has a way of making people forget about what really matters and locking you into a cycle of work to live,live to work...I'm not OK with that and honestly no one else should be either. There is too much out there waiting to be seen to spend your free time in the mall or sitting behind the TV. In respect of that ideal I have abandoned the descriptions of my work life and decided to focus on what really makes us who we are. The spirit of adventure...I invite everyone who reads this to break out of their comfort zones, grab the family and get out in the world! even if its a simple overnight trip, make it happen! the soul of an explorer is in you, let it out!