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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

mixed nuts...

So for some reason today an old call popped into my head...We got called for an ill person/med eval. we get on scene to find a very,robust,rotund patient sitting on the side of their bed. The conversation progresses as normal,why did you call 911 today,what can we do for you,etc... the patients only request is,"Im going to stand up, look under my ass and tell me whats there."my reply.."um,what?? hold on let me clarify what your asking, you are going to stand up right?"   right  "ok and you want me to look for??" well shit of course! what else would be there?! "oh ok, well then you go ahead and stand on up and ill let you know what i see ok?" ok here we go,see anthing?? "nope it looks clear, but hey there is a cashew" yup. a cashew. nestled snugly in a ass cheek divot. i would really like to say that this type of request was a one time deal, but no...the great thing about this job is never knowing what is coming next,even if it is just a cashew. 

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